What is eDesign?

eDesign is a professionally designed room, with YOU in the driver seat.We offer an array of easy to implement, affordable interior design services. With a eDesign custom design plan, mood board, or paint scope of work – you can live the lux life at a fraction of the cost.


Who is an ideal eDesign client?

You have a tool box and you are not afraid to whip it out. You love the smell of fresh paint and you think it’s funny when it gets in your hair, on your face, and on your cloths. Spending a day at Ikea with the masses makes you happy. You are crafty, creative, and project-oriented. You have time to spend working on the beautification of your house, and you are excited about it! You need design direction, but can easily follow a plan. You’d rather save a dime, than time.


How is eDesign so affordable?

A eDesign design professional will assess your needs, evaluate your existing furniture and artwork, and create a design plan for you to implement yourself, at your own pace. You will simply follow our road map. Whether you choose to hire a painter, or buy a pair of overalls and tackle the job yourself – it’s up to you.

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