Our most customizable pricing option.

Our design services are at your disposal for you to use as frequently as you need them. Perfect for the person who needs specific assistance. Perhaps you need help finding the perfect fabric for your window treatments, or you are on a hunt for a occasional chair – this service is ideal for clients who need limited assistance.

How can the hourly rate be used?

You have complete and total flexibility with the hourly rate! We can help you to select specific furniture pieces. We can help you select paint. We can serve as your project manager to order, receive, and specify furniture. We can help you decide between several furniture items you have selected on your own. We can help you to select fabric, rearrange existing furniture,  or shop for accessories for you home. We can even shop with you, if you’d like! The possibilities are limitless when using the hourly rate.

How is the time tracked?

We use an on-line tool to track our time. As an hourly client, you will receive an invoice at the end of each week that details time spent on your project.

Is a retainer needed when working under the hourly rate structure?

Yes, a retainer is required to begin and time spent is billed against that retainer.

How much is the retainer?

The retainer cost varies, but the minimum is $1000.

Hourly rate:

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